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When visiting the Red House Glass Cone art studios; you may be greeted by a few excited wagging tails and curious wet noses. These would be the delightful pups owned by the cone artists. As any dog owner will know, each pup has its own special character and these lovely mutts are great company to the artists in their studios. Sometimes causing havoc but always raising a smile from visitors and staff. We’ve blogged about the owners, now it’s the turn of the cone dogs. Here’s a little insight into their natures and backgrounds.


Charlotte-hughes Martin’s Dog, Finn

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Breed: Saluki Lurcher (we think!)
Age: 2 (3 in September)
Years owned: Got him in Feb 2014
Purchase stories: We got him from Sunnyside Dog Rescue in Wolverhampton. Our old dog had passed away the month before and we missed him. I wanted a dog I could bring in and Finn was one of the few dogs that wasn’t barking. He was recovering from malnutrition at the time and was quite small and fitted perfectly in the posh dog bed under the table in my studio. As soon as we started feeding him he grew and grew.  I’ve had to raise the level of the table twice.
Personality traits: He has two speed settings excitable or asleep. Loves running very fast and being snuggled up on a comfy sofa.
Are they like their owner: He’s blond elegant with long legs… So yup.
Does he like it at the cone, does he get along with the other dogs? He was a little nervous of the grand old man and boss dog Harvey (Jane’s dog) but loves a good run and play with Billie and Elsie.
Anything else: First time he came to the cone was the day after we got him. He hadn’t seen a canal before and tried to walk onto the water. I had to drag him out of the cold February water by the scruff at which point he did some very theatrical shivering.

Learn more about Charlotte by reading her interview about being a being a professional glass blower here


Jane Ellis’ dog, Harvey

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Breed: Springer Spaniel
Age: 12 years 6 months
Years owned: 12 and bit
Purchase stories: Bought from up the road so that I wouldn’t be able to just get a full time job and would have to think of something different.
Personality traits: He’s an old man now, still loves a walk but also likes a good lie down. Loves a good bum scratch.
Are they like their owner: I also love a good bum scratch ?
Does he like it at the cone, does he get along with the other dogs: Harvey doesn’t go up the cone much, he’s a bit big and boisterous for a glass studio and prefers the quiet at home, he has had Elsie over to stay though and loved her. He also loved meeting Finn.
Anything else: When Harvey could hear he used to know this great trick where if I told him his treat was from the vet he would refuse it, he’s so cool! Most of Harvey anecdotes involve poo … Well the ones I remember and tell ??

Learn more about Jane by reading her interview about being a being a professional fused glass artist here


Sarah Cordingley’s Dog, Elsie

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Breed: Lhasa Apso/Toy Poodle cross
Age: 14 months
Years owned: 1 year
Purchase stories: She was bought from Halesowen from a work colleague of my husband at 8 weeks old. We had decided we couldn’t possibly have a dog as I often work 7 days a week, but when Russ’s friend had the puppies he kept trying to tempt us by sending photos of her. We had many discussions over a few weeks and decided we definitely couldn’t have one. Then I caved in!
Personality traits: Elsie is full of character and we love her to bits.
Does he like it at the cone, does he get along with the other dogs: Elsie comes to the studio with me after a long walk at Himley where she meets Charlotte’s dog, Finn and Diesel the Doberman.
Anything else: Elsie can be found sitting on the doorstep or sleeping on the sofa. She gets herself into trouble barking and chasing people sometimes. She’s proved very handy for distracting children and has become part of the team.


Saz’s Dog Billie (Sarah Cannings)

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Breed: Black Labrador Retriever
Age: 2 years and 3 months
Years owned: Since she was 8 weeks old
Purchase stories: She chose us (didn’t squirm when she sat on us; we knew she was the one!)
Personality traits: She’s gorgeous, pretty well behaved (unless there’s another dog to play with)
Does she like it at the cone, does she get along with the other dogs? She’s great in the studio, and only whines when she thinks Charlotte, Elsie or Sarah are around. Her boyfriend is Finn (Charlotte’s dog), and up until very recently, Elsie (Sarah’s dog) was her bezzie pal. I think they’ve fallen out, as they don’t seem to like playing as much. Or maybe Elsie’s just grown up.
Anything else: Her name was inspired by my favourite Billies – Billie Holiday, Billie Whitelaw, Billy Mackenzie. Not Billie Piper, lol! (Also, my mum’s nickname is Bill, after Rupert the Bear’s best friend, Bill Badger.)

Learn more about Saz by reading her interview about being a being a professional ceramics artist here

Chris Cook’s Dog, Benji

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Breed: West Island White (Westie)
Age: 8 years 8 months 
Years owned: 7 years.
Purchase stories: We rescued him from the Blue Cross in Catshill. He was given up for adoption as his owners had a child and didn’t want Benji any longer.
Personality traits: A little brat who has selective hearing. Also very loving when he wants to be. Very sensitive to any form of shouting or arguing.
Are they like their owner: Yes a little brat with selective hearing.
Does he like it at the cone, does he get along with the other dogs: He loves it, he loves the attention he gets when customers come into the shop. He likes a fuss off everyone he meets. He gets along with other dogs and is great with the bigger dogs as he can play and be chased. He gets very bored quickly though.

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Painted Pet Pawtraits

Sarah Cordingley received a painted portrait of her dog Elsie as a wedding gift (see below) If you are interested in getting your pets portrait done or are considering it as a thoughtful gift for someone please visit Elaine’s Etsy page by clicking here

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